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Metrics for Success… continued

Part 2 of 2

Sample Analytics Graphic

Web metrics can identify events or activities on your web site that warrant further analysis.

In addition to customer and product-focused marketing, web analytics can also be utilized to maintain and improve the technical performance of your web site. Many sites today utilize a variety of scripting codes and technologies to provide robust capabilities and maintain performance; track activities through server logs and identify specific users with cookies (Rappa, 2010). Web metrics can identify problems with page “NOT FOUND” errors, server access speed, bandwidth limitations and user navigation, and file transfer bottlenecks. Web metric analysis will keep your technology operating at peak performance (Neustar, 2010).

Graphical representations of data or dashboards are often used to allow immediate access to critical data from the user’s desktop. Through the use of an Application Program Interface (API) or Mashup, datasets from different databases can be combined to relate the information in new ways – much like the ability of the Apple iPhone to use Starbuck’s store location data and overlay it on Google maps. This approach can also be used to collect data from suppliers, manufacturers and shippers to precisely follow a particular product through its entire development lifecycle. The information can be presented in the form of a small local desktop interface, “dashboard” to provide critical information for customer service representatives. Keep your eyes open for opportunities to collect and present meaningful data to your associates, employees and your customers. This is a “value-add” proposition that will bring endless returns in productivity and efficiency.

Let me know how you use metrics and analytics to foster growth and improvements at your company – the possibilities are endless!

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