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What Drives Social Media

Hubbard Jordan LogoSocial media, the cloud, mobile apps, search engine marketing (SEM), Adwords, landing pages, blogs – these are just some of the buzzwords – hot topics for many business marketing discussions. Whether you are a new business start-up or a well established brand these methodologies are a large part of your current marketing plans. If they are not – they should be!

What’s driving the interest in these technologies and why do you need to get on board?

In a word – the customer. Advertising cannot work unless it reaches potential customers. As consumers moved from in front of their television sets to their computers, advertisers began creating online ads, banners, sponsorships, and blogs to reach them. Attention to network programming switched to utilizing search engine marketing, Adwords, social advertising and customized landing pages. As technology quickly advanced to laptops, tablets and handhelds the advertising methods became smaller, agile, and mobile. The shifting audience is what drives these technologies and demands the attention of both current and future advertising dollars. To reach the customer, advertising needs to move with the customer. The mass advertising industry has moved very quickly from traditional advertising mediums to digital delivery.

One of the greatest advantages of social marketing is that the investment in digital mediums lives much longer than traditional media. Print advertising, radio and television have extremely tight windows of targeted delivery – either you capture the attention of your audience or the opportunity is gone. Social media reaches the customer where they are. Discussion threads, polls, recommendations and web sites remain accessible for long periods of time, weeks or months, and can be shared with viewers and by viewers around the world. This form of advertising can build your brand and increase awareness, working 24 hours a day, day after day, year after year. I like to refer to this as advertising with “legs”. The effects of a successful social campaign can develop momentum and carry the message forward, building links, clicks, referrals, and ultimately – new customers.

Social media is becoming an integral part of our daily lives – social media should not be ignored!

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