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What Works in Social Media?

If you believe that endless tweeting, daily posting, and a barrage of social messages is what it takes to get your social campaign off the ground – use some common sense. While these tactics are great for promoting your campaign, first and foremost you need good quality content. Information that cannot be easily attained anywhere else. Content is king.

content is kingPeople will look to your content for the value it provides to their lives and their business. What do people want to know about and what can you share that will make their lives better, more enriched, more efficient, more successful? Take this blog post for instance – I hope that I can help you to understand that the quality of your information will enable you to be more successful in launching your social media campaign. So what is it that people will look to you to provide?

Not an easy question – but vitally important to your approach. Will your content be best served by the written word? A video? An audio clip or podcast? Maybe even through more traditional media such as a white paper, research brief or printed brochure? Decide what your content will be – then determine the best method to deliver it to your customers.

It is important to remember that your delivery is a reflection of you and your company. The quality of the piece will be a reflection of your brand and how you do business. Provide good quality information to your audience and do it repeatedly. This will build recognition and contribute to your brand. Once you’ve developed good quality information you can deliver it in any of the mediums listed above and promote its availability through social networks such as twitter or Facebook “Hey, new article about building a strong brand through social media” – or digg it, reddit, or promote on technorati. Social media is a very powerful tool to get your message out there – but to cut through the tens of thousands of posts each day – you need good quality content. Build recognition by repeating the formula and then promote it using social networks. Content is King!

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